YF Specials Stencil | Gardez vos distances

Article number: 210.004.017

Ideal for use on streets, roads, footpaths and cycle paths, facades and windows.
For use in shopping malls, town centres, supermarkets, convenience stores, amusement parks and various other public spaces.

Help prevent the spread of viruses, including the Corona virus. Can also be used indoors.
Increase the safety of customers, visitors and colleagues by helping to implement and maintain the government’s 1.5-metre social distance policy.


  1. Use chalk spray: it is the ideal solution for temporary work. A fine feature of chalk spray paint is that it is easy to remove with a bucket of water. Within a few weeks, the image fades and disappears again. Chalk spray works perfectly in combination with stencils. Of course you can also use chalk spray indoors for your own studio work. However you apply it, the extra matt look of spray chalk gives each expression a raw, pure look.

  2. Use permanent (road) paint for a permanent ground or wall marking.

With stencils you can apply an original and attractive image to roads, sidewalks and walls in a short period of time.

If you are looking for a manufacturer we would love to offer our services to you. With our laser cutting machines, we can produce different types of high quality stencils out of various materials.

We use different thicknesses of Whitaxx, which is our own variation of Mylar. This is a tough and safe material of consumer grade quality. It is incredibly durable, whilst at the same time it is flexible enough to bend over curved surfaces. Whitaxx is resistant against most solvents. Furthermore, it is food quality, meaning it is safe to use for decorating foods such as cookies, or drinks such as cappuccinos.

In this area we have designed our own collection, however we also offer customization, and the ability to have your own stencils produced according to your own designs. We even offer the option of having your stencils packaged in your own label.

These high quality stencils are available from 1 to 1.000.000 pieces.

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