History of Yart Factory

In 1954 Joep Hoffmans sr. started building the foundation of what is now known as Yart Factory. Back then, the business was names “firma Joep Hoffmans” which provided shoe components to the shoe industry in Waalwijk. Techniques such as die cutting were very popular in the manufacturing process. When the 70s came along, haberdashery and leather goods were introduced to the collection of products. Knee and elbow patches were the main focus of the company. It was unique that one company produced such varied products.

In the early 80s the family business expanded their focus and changed the company name to “Pronty”  which also became the name for the new brand in the growing hobby industry. New machinery was added and thus increased the number of processing techniques and materials that were available to the production process.

Sister company Point to Paper, excellent paper laser cutting, was established in 2010. Spring 2020 Point to Paper merged with Yart Factory. . Click here for the press release.

A couple years ago the company changed its name from Pronty to Yart Factory.

The company carries brands as Point to Paper, Pronty haberdashery, Dutch Doobadoo, and Pronty Crafts and By Woom, however focuses on customer specific productions (bespoke), private labels and services.

A lot has changed ever since the founding of the company. Nevertheless our core remains the same: Using high-quality techniques in order to transform customers’ ideas into distinctive products.

Update November 25, 2019


We are proud to announce our 65th birthday! Exactly 65 years ago today the current owner’s father, Joep Hoffmans started the foundation for what is now Point to Paper and Yart Factory.

This milestone could not have been achieved without the support and trust of our customers, suppliers, family, friends and all other collaborators who stood by us throughout the years. We would love to thank you for the collaboration!
We greatly look forward to building the company’s future and discovering what the coming years hold for us!

Management team Yart Factory and Point to Paper

Joep Hoffmans & Jaap van de Wouw